Sustainable Tourism Solutions

Helping businesses step responsibly off the beaten path

Sustainable Tourism Solutions (STS) is a resource for businesses within the tourism sector who are seeking guidance on how to responsibly operate their company, whilst implementing cutting-edge strategies that maximize financial opportunities, and are sensitive to the local environment and community.

Small Business Transition Planning

While many family and small business owners have described wanting to pass their business on to the next generation, less than 50% of them have made any plans to do so. In fact, successful businesses often plan 5-10 years ahead to ensure a smooth and effective transition and/or exit. This offering is designed to raise challenging questions and help small businesses prepare for the next phase of ownership and management.

As a family owned business, and as we develop strategies for the future, Sustainable Tourism Solutions (STS) has made us aware of the potential challenges with our business model. Often succession planning can become overwhelming, but STS has led us through this process in a very concise and specific manner and is presently helping us develop a clear roadmap for the next steps necessary for us to achieve our goals.
— Karimah Dossa, Hill Barrett Travel