Sustainable Tourism Solutions

Helping businesses step responsibly off the beaten path

Sustainable Tourism Solutions (STS) is a resource for businesses within the tourism sector who are seeking guidance on how to responsibly operate their company, whilst implementing cutting-edge strategies that maximize financial opportunities, and are sensitive to the local environment and community.


Whether you are a destination property, tour operator or travel agency, many of the challenges faced within our companies today are similar. Are we running our businesses at optimum efficiency? Are we operating in a way that will allow us to still be viable in five, ten or twenty years? Are we maximizing our fiscal potential in a responsible manner? Are we caring for our employees, local community and environment in a way that is responsible? Are we innovating in a way that allows us to continue to maintain or grow our clientele? 

Our services intend to examine the triple bottom line impacts (economic, environmental and social) of your business, address these questions, and more!