Sustainable Tourism Solutions

Helping businesses step responsibly off the beaten path

Sustainable Tourism Solutions (STS) is a resource for businesses within the tourism sector who are seeking guidance on how to responsibly operate their company, whilst implementing cutting-edge strategies that maximize financial opportunities, and are sensitive to the local environment and community.

Responsible Travel Management Program

It’s no mystery that the profile of today’s traveler is changing. They know (and expect!), more from the businesses they select to be a part of their travel plans.

We are past the idea that "it's the right thing to do".

We are at a point where if businesses do not take a closer look at their environmental and social impacts, they will begin lose market share on the ever-growing number of consumers who are looking to minimize their negative impact when they travel.

The RTM program will help your company improve your fiscal, environmental and social impacts by:

  • Examining current state environmental and social impacts, and developing a roadmap for an improved future state

  • Developing a marketing strategy to communicate new and existing initiatives

  • Developing the framework for a Sustainability Charter by which to measure your impact, and communicate it with both current and future guests, and staff

  • Give you capability to monitor progress and impacts of environmental and social initiates in real time


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